Non-Slip Headband


These headbands are perfect for working out or any time you just need your hair out of your face! These are the first headbands to not slip off of my head. They retail for anywhere from $10-20 online.. so I made some instead!


3/8″ Velvet Ribbon Trim (Hobby Lobby $1.99 for 6ft – purchased 50% off)

3/8″ Metallic Velvet Trim (Hobby Lobby $2.49 for 9ft – purchased 50% off)

Braided Elastic 1/4″ – Black

Clear Thread

Sewing Machine


The headband lengths will be as follows when finished.. but when cutting, add 3/4″ on each end (they will be folded under)

Braided elastic – 5  3/8″ .. cut length at 6 1/2″

Velvet Trim – 15″ .. cut length at 16 1/2″

Metallic Velvet Trim – 15″ .. cut length at 16 1/2″


Lay the velvet facing outward


Fold extra ends under (about 3/4″ on each end)


The end should look like this..

Use a needle and thread to secure the three layers together before using the sewing machine

Braided elastic will also have a 3/4″ piece in between the two velvet layers


Secure both sides, making sure the length of the braided elastic is correct


Use your sewing machine along each side


Now they are ready to wear!


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