Ribbon Streamers

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We did a big “Send-off” at our wedding and since we were not allowed to use sparklers, rice, or anything non-biodegradable (Our wedding venue was a Historic site), I made Ribbon Streamers as an alternative! – Thanks to my Mom and Mother-in-law for helping make all of these!

Supplies: Ribbon, Small Jingle Bells, Dowel Rods, Gems, Super Glue

I bought ribbon from both Michaels and Hobby Lobby in different shades of purple, silver & white (Celebrate It is Michaels, Ribbon Boutique is Hobby Lobby)



1. Cut Ribbons to desired length (I cut 18″ pieces)

2. Cut dowel rods to desired length (I cut to 12″) and sand the splintered ends until smooth

3. Choose 5-6 different ribbon pieces and super glue the ribbon around the top of dowel rod – The glue should go through the layers of ribbon to capture them all – Leave a little room at the top of the dowel rod

4. Cut small pieces of thin ribbon — tie & bow a jingle bell onto the top of dowel rod (60pc pack for $3.99 at Hobby Lobby)


5. Glue a small gem onto top of dowel rod to add some shine



Mercury glass vase below was bought at Michaels to hold our streamers


061513-Procopio Photography-Artist Favorites-270

Top photo thanks to our wonderful wedding photographers – Procopio Photography

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