Trick or Treat Alternative


Allergies are becoming more and more common among children; and a lot of these children can’t experience the fun of trick-or-treating because they can’t take any candy! Now you can put out a teal pumpkin as a sign that you have some non-candy items at your house for these children [and also a good idea for smaller children, who shouldn’t be eating all that candy anyways! — but we all know the parents enjoy that candy and I totally support that ;) ]

I bought a pack of 24 bubbles in the Halloween section in Target, 2-20 Packs of Sugar Skull favor bags at Target one spot, and multi pack of stickers near the card section at Target.


I added 1 bubble and 2 sticker pads in each little bag..


I have no idea how many kids will take/need them; but for $8, I’m glad I have something simple to give away if any child can’t take any candy; Especially the little ones, because every little kid LOVES bubbles! Now I need to go paint one of my white pumpkins, teal!

Happy Trick-or-Treating!