Recycle Old Candle Wax


This easy DIY will turn your leftover seasonal candles into one giant yummy-smelling candle!


Old candles (I used all of my fall candles!)

New wicks (Any craft store will have them)

Tin can (Washed soup can or veggie can will do)

Small pot with about an inch of water

Tongs or Oven Mitt

Step 1. Put your candles in the freezer. Once they are cold you will easily be able to break up and scoop out the leftover wax using a butter knife.

Step 2. Wipe one of the glasses clean and remove the old wicks. Glue 2 or 3 new wicks to the bottom (evenly spread out). [I forgot to grab a picture of this but below is the new wicks with a layer of wax]


Step 3. Grab a small pot and boil water. Place the wax in the tin can and set in the boiling water. The wax will melt quickly!


Step 4. Carefully (using an oven mitt or tongs), pour the wax into the empty glass. Be sure not to pour on the wicks so that they remain straight up.

Step 5. Let that layer of wax harden. Then repeat the process until you have used all of your leftover wax!


Step 6. Once you are finished, cut the wicks to about a half an inch above the top layer of wax.

[Don’t forget to recycle the other leftover glass candles!]

Step 7. Burn your new candle and enjoy!